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What We Do




The Southern Shores Group provides solutions for the following unit operations.





Chemical Pulping and Bleaching Operations Mechanical Pulping and Bleaching Operations
Refining Refining
Screening Screening
Cleaning Cleaning
Pulp Washing Pulp Thickening
Pulp Mixing  
Pulp Thickening  


Recycled Fiber Operations Stock Preparation Operations
Attrition Pulping Refining
Detrashing Thick Stock Screening
Screening Approach Flow Screening
Deflaking Fiber Recovery
Dispersion / Kneading  
Teflon-Based Release Surfaces for Deinking Rolls


Paper Machine Operations Composite Panel Operations
Coater Blades Refining
Creping Blades  
Doctor Blades  
Teflon-Based Release Surfaces for Rolls Equipment Rebuilds
Dryer Can Cleaning Services Vacuum Pumps
Roll Reconditioning Services Beloit Double-Disk Refiners
Fabric Guiding Systems  
Threading Systems  
Screw Jacks  
Material Handling Systems